iQ Speaker: Rebecca Snead

Executive Vice President and CEO – National Alliance of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA)

Rebecca is the executive vice president and CEO of the NASPA, an organization that is dedicated to enhancing the success of state pharmacy associations and their efforts to advance the profession of pharmacy. Prior to assuming this position, she was the executive director of the Virginia Pharmacists Association for over a decade. Her pharmacy practice, prior to transitioning into association management, was focused on serving to improve outcomes for seniors and individuals with chronic disease.

She is also the secretary/treasurer for the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety Pharmacy (APMS), a non-profit supporting entity of NASPA. The mission of APMS is to foster a culture of quality within the profession of pharmacy that promotes continuous systems analysis to develop best practices that will reduce medication errors, improve medication use, and enhance patient care.

In addition, she serves on many national boards and alliances focused on advancing the profession of pharmacy and has been recognized both at a state and national level for her contributions to the profession of pharmacy.

The Future of Pharmacy: Where We Are & Where We’re Headed (1 CEU)